Hi-Shine 96 oz. / 2840ml

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  • Size:  96 oz. /  2840ml

  • Quantity:  1 Piece

  • Brand:  Hi Float



          The “wipe-free” way to keep balloons fresh for weeks.

           Ready to say goodbye to dull, oxidized balloons?

          Just spray on our new HI-SHINE.

           It coats balloons without gloves or wiping.

  • Keep latex balloons shiny for weeks and weeks; balloons treated with HI-SHINE look brighter and shinier than when they were first inflated!

  • Restore the shine to latex balloons that have become dull and cloudy

  • Use with air-filled décor AND HI-FLOAT helium-filled balloons

  • Safe and non-toxic

  • Combine HI-FLOAT and HI-SHINE for balloons that defy gravity – and time – for longer than ever.

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